Particiaption in extracurricular activities is a privilege earned through compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. This policy is intended to be a positive statement in support of our students as they strive to remain free of all drugs, alcohol and tobacco, as required by state law. This policy also encourages a student to maintain good attendance, abide by all school rules, and to be a good citizen.


The Annandale High School Extracurricular Participation Policy governing the conduct of students involved in extracurricular activities was established during the 1993-1994 school year and revised in 1997. The policy is a combined effort of coaches, sponsors, students, parents and administrators. The Extracurricular Participation Policy is not intended to weaken standards of clubs and/or teams that have written regulations more specific than those contained in the policy, but to set a standard that encourages all students to abide by all state laws and school policies.


"Extracurricular events" are those events/activities that do not fall within the scope of the regular school curriculum, are officially recognized and sanctioned by the School Board, and for which students do not receive credit.


"Cocurricular events" are those event/activities that are outside of but complement the regular curriculum. Students are graded on their participation in these event/activities.

"May" as used in this policy indicates the act of granting or denying permission.


"Might" as used in this policy indicates the possibility of action being taken.



School officials may suspend a student from participation in extracurricular activities who has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving violence, weapons, alcohol and/or substance abuse until disposition of the charges. The student must report the incident to the coach/sponsor. The coach/sponsor will present the facts, as known, to the school administration who will determine eligibility for participation.


School offficials may deny participation in all extracurricular activities to any student convicted or found "not innocent" of a misdemeanor involving violence, weapons, alcohol and/or substance abuse or any felony charge. The student may appeal to the principal for reinstatement the following semester.




GENERAL STATEMENT Students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities must abide by all provisions of Fairfax County Public School's policy pertaining to use of alcohol or other illegal drugs (see Regulation 2150.6) and Student Responsibilities and Rights (Regulation 2601.6P) They must also exhibit good citizenship at all times.


VIRGINIA HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE Students must meet all eligibility requirements as established by the Virginia High School League.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE Virginia State law prohibits the use of illegal drugs, alcohol (if under 21) and tobacco (if under 18). Students selected to participate in extracurricular activities may not consume alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs at any time.


If the school administration determines that a student who is participating in or wishes to participate in extracurricular activities is engaged in alcohol or other drug use, the student may be subject to consequences in accordance with the extracurricular policy. Prior to making this determination and imposing any exclusionary consequence, the coach or school authorities shall give the student the right to explain his or her conduct. The student, with his or her parent's permission, may voluntarily submit to an appropriate drug test (if applicable) to attempt to establish that he or she has not violated the policy. The school administration shall record in writing the factors which led to the school's conclusion, shall stipulate the consequence to be administered and shall attempt to inform the student's parents or guardian of the option of submitting to a drug test. The results of any such testing shall be kept confidential but shall be communicated to the student and his or her parent or guardian and appropriate school authorities.


Students and/or their parents/guardians may appeal actions taken pursuant to this policy. The coach/sponsor, in consultation with the Director of Student Activities may suspend students from activities after giving them the right to be heard. The suspension decision may be appealed to the duly elected Suspension Review Board.

The Suspension Review Board shall be elected each June and will serve for 1 calendar year. It shall be composed of:


Alternates may attend an appeal discussion, but will only vote when one of the 3 board members is unable to vote or participate.


The last right of appeal will be to the principal. Decisions rendered under this policy may not be appealed beyond the principal. The principal's decision will be final. The school administration will send a written decision to the parent/guardian within two days of the appeal hearing.



Consequences for violation of this policy are separate and apart from those that may be administered by school officials under FCPS Regulation 2150.6 and Student Responsibilities and Rights Regulation 2601.6P.


A. Athletics


B. Clubs and Organizations


**** Students not consuming alcohol or using drugs or tobacco but present while these products are being consumed by other minors, must leave the area or be considered a participant by choice and subject to the minimum penalty.



Students who participate in extracurricular activities must sign the "Participation Pledge" as a precondition of her/his participation. The student's signature on the Pledge signifies the commitment to abide by the condition of the Annandale High School EXTRACURRICULAR PARTICIPATION POLICY and to remain free of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The parent's signature on the pledge signifies that the parent has read and understands the pledge.





As a participant in the extracurricular activities program at Annandale High School, I, _________________________, pledge to remain free of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs and to exhibit good citizenship at all times. I understand that viiolation of the Annandale High School Extracurricular Participation Policy and/or Fairfax County Public Schools


Responsibilities and Rights (Regulation 2601.6P), might result in my exclusion from extracurricular activities by decision of the coach/sponsor (wth the right of appeal to Suspension Review Committee and finally to the principal).



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Section B: To be completed by parent/guardian.




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