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Physical Education Department

Grading System


Annandale High School Physical Education Department
Policies and Expectations


Curriculum Requirements:
All students must successfully complete two years in Physical Education for graduation.  This includes the following: five quarters of P.E. activity classes and one quarter each of health, driver education and family life education(FLE).  Freshmen are required to complete one unit of Health Education, including CPR.  Sophomores must take the family life education unit along with driver education.  Assignments to health, FLE and driver education will be made in such a manner as to create the best learning situation for each student.  Students are expected to fully participate in activity classes unless a doctor specifically outlines limitations.



Fairfax County Grading Scale:
A = 100 -93       A- = 92-90       B+ = 89 – 87   B=86-83    B- = 82-80   C+ = 79 - 77 
C = 76-73     C- = 72-70   D+ = 69 – 67      D = 66 - 64     F = 63 and below
FCPS Regulation 2234 states that “regular attendance is necessary for maximum school achievement.”  To help students develop desirable behavior patterns and maximize their classroom learning, Fairfax County Public Schools requires students are punctual and attend school regularly.  It is mandatory for students to report to school and to each class. 
Grading is based on work performance, class participation in assignments and activities.  Students with unsatisfactory attendance will be assigned detention, remediation, and/or exclusion from extracurricular activities and school trip privileges.  If a student is absent unexcused, no credit can be earned for those assignments.


Uniforms are required for all students in Physical Education and weight training classes.  All students must purchase red and white shorts available from school.  If students wear sweatpants the pants must be red in color.
Uniform Prices:
Package-  $25.00   This includes shorts, shirt, towel service for the year and a lock. 
If you need XXlg shirt in your package the cost would be $26.00 

T-shirts:$3.75                            Shorts:$9.00
XXlg T-shirt:$4.50                     XXlg Shorts:$12.50
Lock: $3.75 due to safety reasons must be purchased from school
Towel Service for the year: $10.00



Sweats are available for purchase but must have a separate check or payment method.

Annandale Physical Education Sweatshirt:  $15.00 (limited quantities)
Annandale Physical Education Sweatpants: $15.00
If your size is not available a preorder form and money will be collected and the product ordered. 


Non Dress= Non Participation
A Non-Dress results in Non-Participation for that class.  Without dressing out for Physical Education, you become unable to participate in class due to safety and hygiene concerns.  Five non dresses will be an automatic failure for the quarter.  Students who fail to dress will not be allowed to participate due to safety reasons.

Students are responsible for bringing their PE uniform on the day that they have PE.  If a student does not bring his/her uniform, a loaner uniform will be available as long as they are in stock.  When a student needs to use a loaner they will not be able to earn full points for the day.  Loaners must be returned at the end of the class period—students are not allowed to keep a loaner in their locker.  The student who borrows a loaner will leave their school clothing with the teacher, as it will be returned when the loaner is returned.  Loaners will be disbursed the first two weeks of each quarter if they are needed.  After the initial two weeks of each quarter, students will only be allowed to borrow a loaner uniform at THEIR ACTIVITY TEACHERS DISCRETION.  If you need to borrow a loaner after the first two weeks, YOU MUST OBTAIN A LOANER PASS FROM YOUR ACTIVITY TEACHER.   This loaner pass will allow you to receive a loaner for that day only.  Each time you need a loaner, you must receive one of these passes, because this will be the only acceptable form for receiving a loaner after the first two weeks of each quarter.   After reaching the maximum number of loaner days determined by your activity teacher, the students will not be able to earn points and will receive a non-dress/non-participation day resulting in no points for that class period.


Locks and Lockers:
Each student will be assigned a locker.  Students should lock all belongings in a locker during class.  Students SHOULD NOT bring valuables to school, including but not limited to cell phones, electronics, cameras, etc. ESPECIALLY to Physical Education Class!!  It is the student’s responsibility to secure their clothing and other items in a locker.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE LOCKERS OR BRING BACKPACKS, TOTES, BOOKBAGS, AND LARGE PURSES ETC. TO THE P.E. LOCKER ROOM!   If any of these items are brought to the locker room, students will be asked to return these to their hall locker for security purposes and may endure the penalty for being tardy to the locker room.


All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is characteristic of a good citizen.


Fitness Log and Quarterly Activity Assignments:

Fitness Log is a quarterly requirement in which the students must participate in a minimum of 2 hours per week of physical activity outside of class.  Students will record their daily activity on the log provided and reflect on the benefits of the activity.  Parents/coaches must verify the student’s activity by signing the monthly log the students use to keep track of their hours.  This log will be available on Blackboard.

Activity classes will also have a quarterly assignment posted on Blackboard as well as the fitness log.  These assignments will be 15% of the quarter grade.

Health and Drivers Education will send out a separate syllabus.